ENHYPEN Reveals What Their Seniors BTS and TXT Taught Them

They gave wise advice.

The members of ENHYPEN recently discussed the most important lessons they’ve learned from their seniors BTS and TXT.

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In addition to appearing on the show I-LAND to mentor them, Sunoo revealed the two groups had already had a profound impact on the ENHYPEN members long before they were trainees.

We looked up to BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER as we fostered our dreams of becoming K-Pop artists, so it’s very exciting and an honor to debut after them.

— Sunoo

He admitted they learned a great deal from watching their “continuous hard work” over the past few years that helps guide them to be as successful as they are today.

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Some of the greatest key points aspiring artists can take away from the legacies of their seniors? Sunoo noted that staying humble, genuine, and grounded are the qualities that left a lasting impression on the members.

We want to take away from them their humility and sincerity, as well as their consistency to become artists who don’t lose sight of where they started.

— Sunoo

Much like his seniors, Jay hopes to become versatile and dynamic artists.

I want us to become a group that is not constrained by boundaries but has infinite potential for growth.

— Jay

It seems that BTS and TXT have instilled great values within the boys!

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter
Source: Elite Daily