ENHYPEN Tests Which Member They’re Most Like — And It Doesn’t Go As Expected

The results are questionable. 😂

ENHYPEN recently discovered which member they “actually” are, according to a BuzzFeed quiz.


They answered questions about their personality and interests, including their favorite superheroes…

…and the Hogwarts house they feel like they belong in, to which Jay, Sunoo, and Ni-ki all instantly agreed they’re in Slytherin!

They also chose their go-to karaoke song, including songs like “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber and “Circles” by Post Malone.

They revealed their favorite movie genres, like Heeseung‘s love for animation and Jungwon‘s preference for romance…

…and hobbies they wish to try. The daredevils of the group were drawn to skydiving.

When it was time for the results of the quiz, something strange happened — Everyone suddenly realized they got Ni-ki!

The only people who didn’t were Ni-ki himself and Sunoo who both got Sunoo as a result. Perhaps it’s not so accurate after all…but it’s fun to do, anyway!

Watch the boys take the test below.