ENHYPEN Tests Their (Lack Of) Flexibility And It’s Hilarious

Nobody was spared. 🤣

In episode 4 of ENHYPEN&Hi Season 2, the members of ENHYPEN competed to see who is more flexible — and who is luckier!

Sunoo showed he’s naturally gifted with the flexibility of a dancer.

However, the same couldn’t be said for Jake!

The members began to play a game of “Rock, paper, scissors” with one catch: Every time you lost, you had to step forward and match your foot up to your opponent’s foot.

Being flexible is hard, but being unlucky is harder, as Heeseung found out the hard way in his game with Ni-ki!

Sunoo also squared off against Jake and everything seemed calm at first.

However, it wasn’t long until Jake’s losing streak had him spreading his legs to his limits.

In the end, he never gave up until the last moment!

Watch their hilarious game below.