ENHYPEN Made The Sweetest Friendship Gifts For Each Other And It Will Make You Soft

We stan a loving family!

During episode 4 of ENHYPEN&Hi Season 2, the ENHYPEN members let their sentimental sides show.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

They each crafted unique pieces of jewelry for each member based on their interests or taste.

Jungwon created a necklace for both of the members born in 2002, Jay and Sunghoon.

He matched their fashionable and trendy aesthetic with smiley faces and bright colors.

Next, Sunghoon made a ring for Sunoo and even carved his initials on it.

Heeseung and Jay had a sentimental moment and made gifts for each other as a symbol of the 5-year-long friendship.

Not only did the members put their hearts into the gifts, but they’re also equally as excited to wear them all the time.

They are definitely a “family,” like the jewelry says!