ENHYPEN Reveals Their Thoughts On Breaking Gender Stereotypes With Nail Polish

Would they ever try the daring trend?

During their recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, ENHYPEN was asked about their opinions on various fashion trends, including nail art.

Heeseung revealed manicures are not only a fashion statement, but they can also have a larger meaning that extends beyond being trendy.

Jake explained that depending on your personal taste, it can mean many things. These meanings could range from purposely breaking gender stereotypes to simply trying something new and cool.

Because of this, Heeseung thought it would make more sense to do it at a later point in their careers.

Jay, ENHYPEN’s lover of fashion, has also fallen for the charismatic trend.

Manicure makes you look more fashionable.

— Jay

Many admired artists in both the west and in K-Pop have tried out the cool trend. From Johnny and Yuta of NCT

NCTs Johnny and Yuta | NCT/YouTube

…to A$AP Rocky, anyone can rock it!

A$AP Rocky | @asaprocky/Instagram

Check out more idols who have participated in the trend below.

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