ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Revealed The Perfectly Timed Way Big Hit Entertainment Cast Him

“It’s like destiny.”

After ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon shared his story of how Big Hit Entertainment cast him, Heeseung decided to share how the company came into his life at the perfect time.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Like many idols, Heeseung admitted to having dreams of becoming a singer since he was a kid.

Yet, he couldn’t pursue it. Heeseung said, “I’ve said this a lot. It’s my dream since I was six, but I had no confidence and couldn’t train as a singer and just lived my life normally.

That all changed one day when he’d attempted to do what other kids his age do. Heeseung said, “But when I passed by the high school, my dad told me, ‘Try the preliminary exam.’” Unfortunately, the results weren’t in his favor.

He said, “So I went there to take the exam. But I didn’t make it.” Destiny had other plans for him.

Heeseung received another offer that he hadn’t expected—and many of them. He continued, “And on my way, I got cast by some companies. About six companies.

Despite all of his choices, there was one company that stood out the most. Heeseung said, “They gave me their name cards. And among them, Big Hit was the quickest who wanted to sign a contract with me and because I wanted to go to Big Hit.

Heeseung couldn’t see himself anywhere but at Big Hit Entertainment. It was such perfect timing that Jungwon said it was “like destiny.” Heeseung agreed, “I think so too.

Even though Heeseung wasn’t originally able to pursue becoming a singer, destiny had the path already laid out for him—just not when he expected it.

Source: Naver Live