ENHYPEN’s Jake Earns Praise For Handling Stage Accident Like A Total Pro

He did it so smoothly that it blended right into the choreography.

Despite having less than a year of experience under their belts, that doesn’t stop ENHYPEN from proving they’re talented rookies worth keeping your eyes on. One comeback stage had Jake showing just that when an unexpected mishap arose.


On an airing of Mnet‘s MCOUNTDOWN, the group took the stage with their track “FEVER”. Only thirty seconds in, Jake encountered a problem. When he moved from the center to the side, one of his hand movements was so powerful that it knocked his headset right off his head.

Rather than showing any signs of surprise or panic, Jake simply latched onto the headset and calmly placed it properly back onto his head.

Jake handled it so smoothly and quickly that everything was handled just in time for the next part of the choreography.

In fact, the transition was so smooth that fans praised him for making it blend right into the dance.

| M2/YouTube

Taking into account Jake trained for only nine months, his level of skill as a performer left many impressed.

Watch Jake earn praise with the professional yet smooth way he quickly took care of the stage mishap here.