5 Reasons Why Jake Should Be Your ENHYPEN Bias

Here’s why you need to stan Jake right now.

Formed on Mnet’s I-LAND, Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M’s new boy group ENHYPEN is already attracting a huge fanbase. But with so many talented, handsome, and lovable members, how can you possibly decided which one to bias?

Need a little help working out the perfect member to own your heart? Here are 5 reasons why you should stan Jake right now.

1. His talent came so far

Jake may have only trained for nine months, but that didn’t stop him from ranking in the top 3 of I-LAND’s finale. Despite having one of the shortest training periods on the entire show, Jake impressed judges from the start.

And he only got better from there on out—especially when it came to his rap skills, which really got to shine over the course of the show. In fact, his incredible charisma and flow has many fans wondering if he’ll be the group’s main rapper.

2. He’s fluent in English

If you’re still getting to grips with Korean, you don’t need to worry about stumbling over hangul when it comes to Jake. Born in Brisbane, Australia, Jake is fluent in English—and with a cute Aussie accent to boot.

If you want to hear it for yourself, check out this adorable “travelog” video he shot for I-LAND.

3. He loves puppies as much as you do

When asked what he likes, Jake only had one thing on his mind: puppies. Who doesn’t love a guy who loves his pets? Here’s hoping ENHYPEN gets to shoot a viral “Plays With Puppies” video once their debut inevitably takes off.

4. He’s inspiringly ambitious

Even though ENHYPEN hasn’t made its debut yet, Jake is already thinking about the future. During the group’s first live broadcast, the members all revealed what they want to do after their first release.


While many of the members had big dreams, Jake’s goal was definitely one of the most ambitious: reaching number 1 on the Billboard charts. That kind of determination is enough to inspire any fan.

5. He has a sharp personality

If you’re looking for a bias you can really bond with, you’ll love Jake’s personality. His MBTI type is ISTJ (the “Logistician” type), which means he approaches life with a sharp mind and methodical purpose.


According to his personality type, Jake will be a dependable member of ENHYPEN thanks to his honesty, responsibility, and sense of duty towards his obligations. ISTJs like Jake also tend to be good at a lot of different things, so don’t be surprised if you see him pushing himself outside of his comfort zone as time goes by.

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