5 Reasons Why Heeseung Should Be Your ENHYPEN Bias

Here’s why you need to stan Heeseung right now.

Formed on Mnet’s I-LAND, Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M’s new boy group ENHYPEN is already attracting a huge fanbase. But with so many talented, handsome, and lovable members, how can you possibly decided which one to bias?

Need a little help working out the perfect member to own your heart? Here are 5 reasons why you should stan Heeseung right now.

1. He has “trendy” talent

Heeseung trained under Big Hit Entertainment for over three years, and all that hard work shows in his incredible talent. When Heeseung was first introduced on I-LAND, one fellow participant revealed there was a rumor that Heeseung was “really talented”—and that rumor turned out to be 100% true.

From Heeseung’s first performance, everyone was in awe of his singing. Even judge Zico was impressed, describing Heeseung’s vocal tone as “very trendy”. With equally captivating dance moves under his belt too, it’s no wonder many of the other trainees wanted to be on Heeseung’s team.

2. Even his members were impressed

Given how talented the rest of the ENHYPEN members are, it’s high praise that they were equally impressed by Heeseung’s skills.

In their first live broadcast, the members revealed their initial impressions of each other. The first thing that struck them about Heeseung was just how talented he was from day one—a true testament to his abilities as a performer.

3. He’s close with TXT

If you’re a MOA, Heeseung could definitely be the bias for you. Since he trained at Big Hit Entertainment for a long time, he became friends with the TXT members as a trainee.

On I-LAND, Heeseung revealed that it was hard watching his close friends debut with out him. But now, as a member of ENHYPEN, he’ll finally get to perform on stage alongside them.

4. He has the most handsome eyes

Heeseung once told fans he thinks his eyes are his special charm, and we can definitely agree with that!

His big, doe-like eyes have been charming fans since I-LAND’s first episode, and you’re sure to fall for them too.

5. He has a deep personality

If you’re looking for a bias you can really bond with, you’ll love Heeseung’s personality. Heeseung’s MBTI type is INFJ (also known as the Advocate), which means he’s deeply thoughtful and imaginative.

According to his personality type, Heeseung is great at using his creativity to solve problems, honest and insightful, and passionate in a way that will definitely help him as an idol. INFJs are also very inspiring, which will be perfect if he debuts as ENHYPEN’s leader as many fans expect.

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