5 Reasons Why Sunoo Should Be Your ENHYPEN Bias

Here’s why you need to stan Sunoo right now.

Formed on Mnet’s I-LAND, Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M’s new boy group ENHYPEN is already attracting a huge fanbase. But with so many talented, handsome, and lovable members, how can you possibly decided which one to bias?

Need a little help working out the perfect member to own your heart? Here are 5 reasons why you should stan Sunoo right now.

1. His vocal talent is amazing

Sunoo may have only trained for 10 months, but his singing is so impressive, many ENHYPEN fans are already sure he’ll debut as the group’s main or lead vocalist.

Throughout Sunoo’s performances on I-LAND, everyone was wowed by his incredible vocal range. From bubbly high notes to deep low notes, the young star has a remarkable ability to adapt his voice to any style. No matter what concept ENHYPEN debuts with, Sunoo is sure to slay it.

2. He has so much aegyo

Do you love cute idols? If so, you’re bound to be a fan of Sunoo. He recently named aegyo as his special skill, and he’s definitely right about that.

Despite the 17-year-old’s sharp features, the big smile he always has on his face makes him look soft and adorable. While the ENHYPEN members may not know how to act when Sunoo brings out his cute side, fans are sure to become obsessed with it.

3. He overcame so much

All the I-LAND contestants went through a lot on their journey to debut, but Sunoo had a particularly difficult hardship to overcome before making it to ENHYPEN. In one episode of the show, Sunoo revealed that ever since he was young, he suffered from health problems.

In 2019, his condition became so severe that he had to undergo a major surgery. As a result, Sunoo had to rest often during the competition and worried about his health a lot. But despite how rough he had it, Sunoo inspired us all by never giving up on his dream.

4. He’s so relatable

Sunoo may be a budding idol, but deep down, he’s just like us—as evidenced by all his relatable moments on I-LAND.

From the time he completely freaked out when he saw a bug to the way he danced with happiness over food, and even the fanboy heart attack he had when BTS‘s Suga called his name, you’ll always be able to connect with Sunoo’s antics.


5. He has an vibrant personality

If you’re looking for a bias you can really bond with, you’ll love Sunoo’s personality. His MBTI type is ENFP (the “Campaigner” type), which means he has a vibrant energy that brightens life for everyone around him.

According to his personality type, Sunoo is energetic and enthusiastic about forming new connections. These traits make ENFPs very friendly and popular with everyone around them, so he’s sure to attract a big fanbase.

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