ENHYPEN’s Jake Shows How Close He’s Gotten To Stray Kids’ Felix And Bang Chan

They’re taking care of their “little Australian fella.”

Fans of Aussie K-Pop idols know of the growing friendship between ENHYPEN‘s Jake and Stray KidsBang Chan and Felix.

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Stray Kids’ Felix (left) and Bang Chan (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The idols first met at KCON LA where Jake left such an impression on Bang Chan, he couldn’t help but gush about his sweet personality. In fact, Bang Chan even stated that he wanted to “take care of him” affectionately calling him “our little Australian fella.”

It felt really nice to be able to meet up with him. It was a very brief talk, but I got his contacts. And, I will be taking care of him.

— Bang Chan

He promised that he and Felix would be there for him directly, too!

I feel like he could use a buddy or two, so Felix and I, we both got to get along and get friendly [with him].

— Bang Chan

The three idols met up once again to celebrate Chuseok together along with New Zealander Australian comedian Sam Hammington. Fans were excited to see that Bang Chan and Felix were holding up on their promise to take care of Jake!

Recently, Jake celebrated his birthday and was given plenty of congratulatory messages including from the other members of ENHYPEN on stage.

It seems like Felix and Bang Chan were among the ones wishing Jake a happy birthday!

During his special birthday live, Jake shared that the Australian Stray Kids members had taken the time to wish him a happy birthday!

There’s a lot of [comments] about Chris and Felix. They did send me birthday wishes, yeah.

— ENHYPEN’s Jake

Jake even referred to Bang Chan using his real name “Chris,” showing that the three have become even closer! Fans are loving the newest interaction from these three idols and can’t wait for them to meet up again.

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