ENHYPEN’s Jay Is Considered One Of The Group’s Stylists—Here’s What Makes Him So Good

Not everyone can do what he does!

ENHYPEN‘s Jay has an impressive eye for fashion. Not only does he himself dress impeccably, he can dress others well too!

Jay | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

In late 2020, Jay sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. When asked if he’s interested in fashion, he clarified that he is first and foremost interested in art, and fashion is an extension of it. He believes that artists should openly express their seriousness in their work, which is why he is serious about fashion.

I’m interested in anything related to art. And I think to be worthy of the title ‘artist’ you need to be at least somewhat good in every art-related field. I take fashion very seriously because I think artists should show outwardly how seriously they take their art and their work. I think I’m also influenced by looking at artists like V from BTS who’re famous for their fashion sense.

— Jay

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Upon hearing his words, the interviewer noted, “I heard you’re also a stylist for the other members.”

Jay agreed and revealed that he’s the trailblazer in the group when it comes to fashion. Because of that, his members come to him for advice, and boy does he deliver! He immediately knows what to suggest simply by looking at the length or color of their outfit.

They’ve been asking me a lot of questions lately because they’re particularly into fashion now. My sense of fashion isn’t perfect, but I can make a decent judgment call by looking at length or color.

— Jay

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Jay doesn’t even need to see them in person. Just looking at a picture is enough for him to know what combination of clothes would best highlight their features. It’s why they use him “like a calculator.”

For example, I can tell just from looking at a picture whether some combination will make someone’s legs look shorter or if some other combination will make their face look washed out, so the members will come to me to ask me questions and use me like a calculator. (laughs)

— Jay

ENHYPEN’s Jay isn’t just talented, he’s also kind at heart. Here’s how he would react if someone he doesn’t like does something well:

Here’s How ENHYPEN’s Jay Reacts When A Person He Doesn’t Like Does A Good Job At Something

Source: Weverse Magazine