ENHYPEN Jay’s Culinary Struggle Is Reminiscent of BTS RM’s Kitchen Moment

He gets an A for effort though.

ENHYPEN reached their destination Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do, to do a shoot of their SO SO FUN series, something reminiscent of BTS’s In the SOOP.

The boys quickly explored the market and a grocery to pick up some ingredients for their meals and other food items. Jay committed to cook a curry dish for dinner, a challenge for him because it would be his first time cooking for seven people.

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Their residence for the next three days offered them rest and recreation, a chance to catch up on sleep, play some games together and enjoy nature.

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Upon arriving at their place, the boys split up to explore and pursue activities they wanted to do. Jake, Sunghoon, Ni-Ki, and Jungwon went to the stream to try fishing. After a while though, the city boy in Jungwon made him give up and return to their place.

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Jay laid out all the ingredients for his culinary project. He searched the kitchen for one important kitchen tool, a potato peeler, but couldn’t find any. Unfortunately, he was forced to use a knife to peel potatoes. And this was where his struggle started.

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Watching Jay peel the potatoes is like watching a scary movie. The fear for him to remain unhurt is real.

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Jay’s struggle with potato peeling brings to mind BTS RM‘s laborious experience with onions. Remember this?

RM has gotten better with cutting onions since then.


Jay will soon get better at peeling potatoes too. For now, his effort to prepare dinner for the members when he’s not used to cooking for them all is still a sweet gesture.

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Catch more of the fun in the full SO SO FUN Episode 2 here: