ENHYPEN Are Just As Obsessed With K-Drama “Vincenzo” As The Rest Of Us

Jay and Jake couldn’t contain their excitement for the K-Drama!

Coming near the end of the series, Netflix and tvN‘s K-Drama Vincenzo has us hooked! Just when we think we couldn’t be more obsessed, the drama reels us in deeper and deeper.

The K-Drama focused on the Korean-Italian lawyer and mafia consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano, has enticed all of us, including our favorite idols. A couple of days ago, ENHYPEN revealed themselves to be quite the fanboys!

During a live broadcast, Jay had to bring up the hot topic. He asked Jake what they most look forward to on Saturdays to which they both exclaimed, “Vincenzo!” 

| jaenggie_/YouTube & ENHYPEN/VLIVE

Sunghoon had to remind them of the reason they were gathered there that day… their comeback BORDER : CARNIVAL and release of their music video for “Drunk-Dazed.” Admit it, Sunghoon, you can’t wait for the next episode too!

| jaenggie_/YouTube & ENHYPEN/VLIVE

Jay was looking especially snazzy as he was wearing a black suit. So, he showed off his Vincenzo-inspired outfit on Twitter too.

You can watch a clip from their live broadcast below:

Source: ENHYPEN and Image (1) and (2)