ENHYPEN Were Shook By Ni-Ki’s Growth In Just 2 Years

Someone hit a major growth spurt.

When ENHYPEN‘s youngest member Ni-Ki made his first appearance to the world on I-LAND, he soon earned praise from viewers for his straightforwardness and dedication at such a young age.

Ni-Ki on I-LAND.

Being fourteen years old (internationally) at the time, Ni-Ki looked so small and adorable that everyone fell for his youthfulness. But he’s now grown so much in the two years since that even ENHYPEN were shook.

On SSAP Possible: Melon Station, the hosts showed a photo of Ni-Ki from 2020, alongside a current one to show just how much Ni-Ki has grown. Seeing him go from a child to a teenager caused the most priceless reactions from the members.

| 이게될까?/YouTube

As soon as the hosts said the photos were taken only two years apart, all of their jaws dropped to the floor as they reacted in shock.

Jake: Wow! What?!

Sunoo: Really?

Jungwon: No way!

Sunghoon: Really?

Talking about his own growth spurt, Ni-Ki remembered being shorter than Jay on I-LAND but noticed he eventually grew taller than Sunghoon. Sunghoon even imitated the way that Ni-Ki teases him now that he’s taller. Ni-Ki would tower over him and jokingly claim, “Sunghoon, where did you go?

Between sprouting up taller than Sunghoon and his face becoming much sharper, Ni-Ki is indeed growing into his teenage phase.

In just two short years, ENHYPEN and fans have literally seen Ni-Ki grow up right before their eyes.