“I-LAND’s” Ni-ki Earns Praise For Being Straightforward And Supportive

This trainee received mixed reactions, but he’s winning some viewers over.

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Ni-ki is winning viewers over in the newest episode of Mnet‘s I-LAND. 

Some I-LAND contestants, like Ta-ki and Sunoo, have quickly become fan favorites. Ni-ki, on the other hand, has been the talked about trainee since Episode 1, and not in a good way,

In Episode 1, Ni-ki entered I-LAND with Ta-ki, a fellow 14-year-old who also hails from Japan. Viewers fell in love with their friendship, only for Ni-ki to vote in favor of Ta-ki’s elimination.

Although Ta-ki understood the reasons for Ni-ki’s vote, viewers were much less forgiving.

Last week, viewers accused Ni-ki of having a selfish attitude and focusing on himself at the expense of the team. He was also criticized for not treating Kyungmin kindly during practice in Episode 3. At the time, Kyungmin was feeling sick and could not dance his best.

Other fans came to Ni-ki’s defense, claiming that he is another victim of Mnet‘s “evil editing”. “Evil editing” purposely portrays cast members in a negative light to villainize them for the sake of adding drama.

After watching I-LAND‘s latest episode, Ni-ki is still a fan least-favorite for some, but others are beginning to understand and love his straightforward personality. At just 14-years-old, Ni-ki speaks his mind honestly and decisively, without sugarcoating, to improve the team.

Ni-ki is also earning praise for supporting Hanbin and believing in his abilities. Even though Hanbin felt anxious about performing, having needed more practice, Ni-ki encouraged him.

When Ni-ki suggested that Hanbin should take Jaeho‘s place, it broke some viewers’ hearts. Even so, Ni-ki fans feel that his actions reflect his desire to do what’s best for the team, not his personal feelings.

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