ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki Reveals The Crazy Hair Color He Tried That Fans Didn’t See

It left as fast as it came.

The ENHYPEN members discussed their looks when they revealed something fans might never have guessed.

Seemingly, Ni-ki‘s hair color hadn’t changed at all…

…however, he soon revealed his hair was previously dyed pink, something fans never got to see.

The color faded. Ni-ki’s hair was pink.

— Jake

The members mentioned “he has to dye it pink again,” but this could be due to their own personal biases!

Previously, they admitted Ni-ki suits bright colors and that pink would suit him well.


Even Ni-ki himself mentioned the color and was ready for a change.

The closest Ni-ki has ever come to the color is a few faded highlights…

| @Snow_Gate1209/Twitter

…but it seems fans will have to continue to wait for the day cotton candy Ni-ki comes to life with these fan edits!

| @nnikikun/Twitter
| NKStudio/Twitter
| @ddunoo_/Twitter

When that day finally comes, who knows how fans will act!

In the meantime, he went purple! Check out his concept film for ENHYPEN’s latest release, BORER: CARNIVAL, below.