ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki Reveals How Hard He’s Working On His English

He’s doing great already!

During a recent [-note] vlog, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki opened up about his desire to improve his English speaking skills.

Ni-ki’s Profile Picture | ENHYPEN/Weverse

He began by describing his day, talking about how he went to the office, made some dumplings, watched YouTube videos, then attended an English class with fellow ENHYPEN members Sunghoon, Heeseung, and Sunoo.


After that, Ni-ki gushed about Jake‘s English skills. Because Jake lived in Australia for almost his entire life, his English reading and speaking is top notch. There’s no doubt that he’s the perfect role model for his junior!

I want to do better, like Jake. I want to be good. When we go around the world and meet ENGENE, he talks in English and looks cool.


Ni-ki concluded by promising that he’ll try his best with a cute little fist pump to the camera.


Seeing as Ni-ki is such a fast learner of choreography and music at only age 16, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he ends up becoming a master of English sometime in the future!

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