ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Went To One Thing For Comfort When He Felt “Scared And Alone”

He’s thankful for it.

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki recently sat down for a solo interview with Weverse Magazine. The conversation eventually made its way to his hobbies. As ENGENEs know very well, Ni-Ki is a big fan of video games

He often plays baseball games in the company building with his members, finding the time to fire up the PlayStation with a good game of baseball, FIFA, or UFC.

I don’t really play the baseball game at home but when I’m at the agency building, I do. We have this amazing lounge for artists and there’s a PlayStation. So whenever I need a break from practicing while preparing for recording, I play games one-on-one with the members.

I play the baseball game with Jake and FIFA and UFC games with Heesung. Heesung won’t play the baseball game because he’s not good at it. (Laughs)

— Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki wasn’t shy to share that he’s the best at the baseball video game—unsurprising considering his dedication to the sport in real life.

I know there are only three of us playing PlayStation, but when it comes to the baseball game, I’m the first, Jake is the second, and Heesung is the third. Only Jake, Heesung, and I use PlayStation and Sunghoon, seldom, if ever.

— Ni-Ki


It wasn’t this game, however, that helped him through some of the darkest parts of his life. He shared that it was actually Animal Crossing New Horizons that he focused on when he was forced to be alone.

But there was a time when everyone played Nintendo Switch. We would play a lot of Mario Cart and Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). ACNH helped me get through when I was separated from the members.

— Ni-Ki

At a time when he was “really scared,” this easygoing game was his main source of comfort.

I was really scared back then and it helped me relax. So, when you feel scared and alone, you know what to play. (Laughs)

— Ni-Ki

Animal Crossing New Horizons was released by Nintendo in 2020. It is a simulation game played on a Nintendo Switch where the player moves to a deserted island and develops it to their liking.

Source: YouTube