ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Reveals The Reason Their Group Has No Official Positions

They are a group of 7 aces!

One of the unique things about ENHYPEN is that they are among only a few K-Pop groups, alongside the likes of TXT, that have no official positions for their members. These roles usually help the public distinguish the particular strengths of the singers, helping them gain recognition more quickly.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

ENHYPEN‘s JakeSunghoon, and Jungwon were the latest guests on DIVE Studios‘ K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam. During the episode, the members discussed why this was the case for their group.

Aside from Jungwon being the leader, none of the members have any fixed roles within the group, which is not common in the industry.

Jungwon explained that it is because all of the members want to continue to grow as artists.

I think our members have an ambition to show that we can keep improving. We want to prove that we can fulfill all positions at a high quality.

— Jungwon

With more groups choosing not to have fixed positions, it seems like ENHYPEN is one of those groups to set a new trend. With so much talent amongst the members, it would be wrong to limit them, and this is the perfect way to allow them all to grow.

You can watch the whole episode below.

Source: DIVE Studios and FI