ENHYPEN’s Philippine Concert Organizer Introduces A New Ticket Selling Method To Stop Scalpers, And It Might Be The Start Of Big Changes

There’s something new happening in the Philippine K-Pop world…

ENHYPEN is returning to the Philippines for MANIFESTO in Manila to be held from February 4 to 5 of 2023.


With thousands of mentions online even before the official ticket selling dates, it was clear that it would be a sold-out event and one of the biggest concerts of the year.

As with all productions with such a high demand, the fear of scalpers was significant. Pinoy ENGENEs expressed their concern that non-fans would buy tickets in bulk and resell them at huge markups.

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Concert organizer PULP Live World made a drastic decision in an attempt to prevent this ever-prevailing issue. They announced on December 8 that they would be implementing a new system in the ticket selling process. They decided that the best solution would be to make it mandatory that the name of the ticket buyer matches the name of the person entering the premises on D-Day.

Chief Operating Officer Happee Sy-Go (also known as Inang) explained the mechanics online. The person who pays using their account, she said, is the one with their name on the ticket outlet’s system. It is that person who must show up on the day of the event with a valid ID matching their records. If they also purchased tickets on behalf of someone else, they must enter MOA Arena at the same time.


This way, scalpers would be discouraged from operating as usual as they would be required to attend the concert in order for their buyers to be able to go to their seats. More importantly, bulk buying tickets only to resell them at a higher price would become difficult to do considering the increased security.

With an arena capacity of 15,000 seats and thus a need to check identification cards from almost that entire number, some local netizens could not believe that the rules will be upheld. PULP’s Inang assured ENGENEs that they will push through with the plan, even if it meant “checking each and every person…all thousands of them.”

This new method of preventing scalpers was put to the test last weekend during the pre-sale and general sale of MANIFESTO In Manila. Unfortunately there were still reported cases of people using their connections to bypass the system and other similar allegations, a bigger frustration than usual considering that both concert dates were sold out in record time.

The organizers asked the public to ignore the scalpers and promised to void their purchases when reported.

The full extent of the effectivity of the new ticket selling rules will be seen more clearly from February 4 to 5—but what is clear already is that the Philippine K-Pop concert community is going through big changes.


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