Here Is The Unexpected Strongest Member of ENHYPEN

Nobody thought he would take the title!

The members of ENHYPEN recently discovered who is the arm wrestling champion on episode 4 of ENHYPEN&Hi Season 2.

Jake proved his prowess against Sunghoon, beating him in 2 out of 3 rounds of arm wrestling.

However, it was Heeseung that everyone knew was the reigning champ when it comes to arm strength.

As expected, he took down Jake easily!

Heeseung then wanted to go against everyone just for fun. His next match with Jay, however, didn’t go as planned. It didn’t take long for his hilarious banter to make Heeseung laugh…

…and ultimately for Jay to defeat Heeseung!

Heeseung happily handed the title of ENHYPEN’s strongest member over to Jay.

Congratulations, Jay!

Watch the full arm wrestling tournament below.