ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Stuns With New Silver Blond Hair

He looks amazing!

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon has always had his hair dark ever since his debut. Black hair just suited his pale skin and innocent looks so well! The lightest he ever went was dark brown.

| @archiveofhoon/Twitter

However, he shocked fans on November 25 2021 when he revealed his bleached hair for the first time ever.

| @archiveofhoon/Twitter

The silver blond hue made him look very Jack Frost-esque.

| @archiveofhoon/Twitter

Paired with his strong jaw, the dashing grey coat and black turtleneck, he looked like he stepped out from Goblin or something.

| @archiveofhoon/Twitter

Sunghoon was seen the next day, on November 26 2021, heading to work at Music Bank. He wore the same coat but a different outfit underneath. His hair was also more yellow-toned than in the first picture.

He made sure to wave to fans.

We can tell that he looks amazing, even with his mask on.

Of course, he looked even more amazing on live broadcast as the MC for Music Bank.

| @archiveofhoon/Twitter

He suits the light color so well! What a handsome boy. Stay tuned for more news about Sunghoon!