Here’s Why ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Is Thankful To TXT’s Soobin

“We’re very thankful to Soobin…”

When ENHYPEN and TXT appeared on their joint show PLAYGROUND, Soobin didn’t care who noticed his soft spot for his junior Sunghoon. Now Sunghoon is returning the favor by expressing why he’s so thankful for Soobin.


During ENHYPEN’s appearance on Park So Hyun’s Love Game, host Park So Hyun asked the group about their relationship with Soobin. Sunghoon didn’t hesitate to say kind words about their senior, “Soobin is really, really handsome and very cool.

Earning a thumbs up from Jake, Sunghoon revealed why he and the rest of his group deeply appreciated Soobin. Sunghoon stated, “We’re very thankful to Soobin for always telling us ENHYPEN is really cool whenever we go on music shows.

He also thanked Soobin for the respectful way he treats them, “And, for being so kind to us.Jay and Jake both joined Sunghoon in making a hand gesture for how much they appreciated Soobin.

The HYBE family truly takes care of each other.

Hueningkai, Heeseung, Jungwon, Taehyun, Soobin, and Sunghoon.

Check out Sunghoon sharing just how great of a senior Soobin is to them.