ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Accidentally Paid Tribute To An OG Girl Group Member—Here’s What Happened

She’s famous for her beauty.

In a recent fan meeting, ENHYPEN‘s sunshine member Sunoo made hearts pound when he did something he usually never does—he put on a face chain! The silver chain draped effortlessly over his flawless visuals.


After the event, fans who viewed the pictures gushed over his handsome visuals, calling him “pretty” and “so cute.”

Unfortunately, he clearly didn’t love it! He furrowed his brows and tightened his lips even as he posed for fans’ cameras.

But unbeknownst to him, there was another reason why netizens loved the chain on him. He was accidentally paying tribute to a former OG K-Pop idol! The chain looked extremely similar to a headpiece worn by Eugene from legendary girl group S.E.S.

Eugene | SM Entertainment

Famous for her timeless beauty, fans may recognize Eugene for her recent lead role in the K-Drama series The Penthouse.

She was one of three members of S.E.S., a girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 1997. Sunoo was born several years later in 2003, so he may not have realized that his face chain looked exactly like Eugene’s. Their pictures may be decades apart, but both Sunoo and Eugene looked stunning in it.

S.E.S. | SM Entertainment

Netizens laughed at the uncanny resemblance and complimented Sunoo on his cute expressions and broad shoulders. He may not have been pleased with the way the chain looked on him, but many would agree that it suited him perfectly!

Source: Pann Nate