ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Is The Absolute Best Person To Chat With Online—Here’s Why

Even Sunghoon thinks so!

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo is the perfect example of someone you would want to exchange messages with.


Even fellow member Sunghoon thinks so! In an interview with Weverse Magazine, the topic of Sunoo being “good at replying to the members’ texts” was brought up. He was praised for his attentive personality.

On IDDP, SUNGHOON said you are ‘good at replying to the members’ texts.‘ It sticks in my memory because of how attentive you are, even among your close friends.

— Weverse Magazine

Sunghoon (left) and Sunoo (right) | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Sunoo humbly replied that he just sees it as a way of expressing himself, and he personally doesn’t like it when he is left on read.

Ah, did it? I express myself in any and every way that I can. And I’ve never liked it when somebody reads my message but doesn’t respond. (laughs)

— Sunoo

He is aware of the fact that the person on the receiving end is anticipating a reply. “If you put yourself in any other person’s shoes, clearly, they’d like to get a reply.”

Knowing that, he makes it a point to reply even if the topic isn’t urgent. To top it all off, he’s fond of using emojis!

So I reply to things even when they’re not very important, and I also use the function on messengers where you can tap and hold on a message and leave a heart.

— Sunoo

I think it’s better than doing nothing,” he concluded with a laugh.

Apart from discussing the attentive way he replies to others, Sunoo also revealed why his friends always knew he’d debut as a K-Pop idol. Read why here:

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Source: Weverse Magazine