ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Finds The Sweetest Way To Overcome Backstage Boredom

He showed off his many skills.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo never fails to show off his sweet side. He took it to the next level with how he chose to overcome his backstage boredom.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

In a recent [EN-TER key] episode, Sunoo showed off his crafting skills by making his own confetti. As he sat in the backstage waiting room at Music Bank, a bored Sunoo used baby scissors to cut paper into special heart shapes to add to the confetti baskets the group would use if they received the music show win.

Though fellow member Jungwon joked that this was premature, considering they didn’t know if they’d get first place, Sunoo figured that he could sprinkle it on the spot anyway.

Sunoo had a little bit of a difficult time using the baby scissors, but fortunately was given some larger ones to use instead.

Sunoo showed off the hearts, proving that his cure for boredom could have adorable results.

He then proudly added his homemade confetti to the already prepared baskets.

Sunoo even had time to practice his origami, highlighting another one of his crafty skills.

Luckily for Sunoo and his hard work, ENHYPEN did end up receiving the first place award on Music Bank that week.

During their encore stage, Sunoo happily tossed the confetti around, making it all worthwhile. Just look at his smiling face!

You can check out the full video here.


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