ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Ranks Himself In Terms Of Looks In The Group

Let’s be honest, all the member’s visuals are out of this world!

In their recent appearance on Idol League, the members of ENHYEPN each took a turns to answer several juicy questions!

When Sunoo‘s turn came along, the show’s MC Sandara brought up Sunoo’s popularity when he was in school. Sandara shared, “Sunoo was famous for being the handsome guy in Grade 3, Class 5.

We can definitely see why! Just check out Sunoo’s handsome pre-debut visuals!

Of course, the topic of Sunoo’s visuals did not come up without a reason. Following the mentioning of Sunoo’s looks, Sandara asked, “What do you think your rank is in terms of looks in the group?

Despite being initially flustered, Sunoo pulled himself together and answered the question with honesty. Sunoo ranked himself as third in terms of looks in the group.

The members were curious to know which members took first and second place. Jay asked, “Who are the two people above?

While Sunoo didn’t reveal which member had the honor of taking second place, he did reveal that he believes Sunghoon ranks first in visuals: “In my opinion, first place is Sunghoon.

After Sunoo’s great compliment, Sunghoon tried to hide his satisfaction but adorably failed. Jay caught Sunghoon’s excitement and exclaimed, “Keep it together.”


Check out the video below:


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