ENHYPEN Battles To See Who’s The King Of TikTok Dances…And Things Get Chaotic

Splits, body rolls, and more!

ENHYPEN competed to see who was king of viral TikTok dances in a new video with Cosmopolitan.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

The rules of the challenge gave each member one minute to memorize the dance they were given. Sunghoon went first and showed how good his memorization skills are!

Next was Ni-ki, who proved his status as a dance prodigy when he went down into a split with ease.

The members couldn’t stop yelling about Jungwon‘s adorable charms when he performed his dance to “Love Not War” by Jason Derulo.

Jay showed off some body rolls and trendy dance moves when it was his turn.

Next, Heeseung proved he has no bones with his fluid dance skills.

Jake‘s peppy dance left him laughing but he still gave it his all.

Lastly, Sunoo hopped his way through his dance!

In the end, the boys voted for Jungwon’s adorable performance as the winner! Check out all of their full dances and watch them practice below.