Entertainment Companies Reveal How Many Trainees They Actually Have…The Number Is Shocking

Daamn, you’d never expect THAT number.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism surveyed numerous entertainment companies and the amount of trainees there are in Korea right now is shocking.

They surveyed a total of 1440 trainees in Korean entertainment companies, and 75% of them are singer trainees.

750 trainees are male while 690 are female. 445 of these trainees are not under contract and can be let go at any time.

The age breakdown of the trainees was also revealed.

775 are older than 19, 529 between the ages of 16-18, 118 between 13-15, 15 between 9-12, and 3 who are 8 or younger.

Entertainment agencies spend an average of ₩1,182,000 KRW ($1111 USD) a month on a single trainee.

The reason there are so many trainees in Korea is that if they hit big, they’ll be set for life.

Korean culture and arts amassed a revenue of nearly $5 billion USD in 2017, with top A-level artists averaging ₩40 million KRW ($37,600 USD) a month.

However, all the success stories also come with struggles.

The average monthly salary for the 8059 registered actors, singers, comedians, and models is only ₩1.83 million KRW ($1720 USD).

2,805 of them say they make less than ₩1 million KRW ($940 USD) a month and 2,893 say they have second jobs to supplement their income.

Source: Chosun Ilbo