The Entire World Is Thirsting Over Olympian Yun Sung Bin’s Godly Thighs

Sledding down an icy slope has never been sexier!

Yun Sung Bin won the gold medal for the Skeleton event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, making him the first Korean and non-European or North American athlete to medal in the sport!


The Skeleton sport is when a single rider slides head-first down an ice race track in a small sled called the Skeleton.


And Yun Sung Bin just proved how a sliding down an icy slope can be oh-so-sexy!


Known as the “Skeleton Emperor”, “Iron Man”, and more – he’s getting recognized all over the world for his glorious thighs.


His thighs are deliciously thick!

“Wah… pants event fit him?” — Korean netizen


With a circumference of 63.5 cm or 25 inches, it’s no wonder this particular body part has become an issue.


Fans from all over the world just can’t get enough of his thighs!


But neither his gold medal nor his gorgeous physique came without hard work.


He revealed that he grew the muscles on his legs in order to have a faster starting speed.

“The start is the most important part of Skeleton, so it’s important to have a powerful speed. In order to have a faster start, I work on my lower body the most.” — Yun Sung Bin


In order to gain more speed, he had to eat eight meals a day to gain up to 16kg.

“Seems like he never got any injections, daebak, Seems like he would do well in all the events..Seriously daebak. When I see how hard he works, he’s so sexy” — Korean netizen


Not only is his legs incredibly sexy, Yun Sung Bin has the cutest smile with the “hoon-nam” visuals!


It’s no wonder how he’s the ideal candidate to feature on some of the hottest brand names!


Here’s to Yun Sung Bin’s stellar career and his fantastic thighs!


Source: Reuteurs and Pann Narete

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