Epic Meal Time Harley Morenstein claims to be Jimin’s new Fanclub President

Co-Creator of Epic Meal Time and actor, Harley Morenstein just revealed that he’s huge fan of BTSJimin.

On May 8, the actor tweeted a video of himself using a Jimin filter as he jokingly claimed to be Jimin’s fan club president.

He even posted a hilarious meme with him “speaking” to Jimin via a SNOW app filter.

He then updated his profile to share the news that he’s officially a BTS Fan. Welcome to the A.R.M.Y., Harley!

Harley Morenstein is well-known for being one of the actors and co-creators of the YouTube cooking show, Epic Meal Time and the show is well-known for cooking high-calorie types of foods from meat and alcohol.

A few Fans lashed out at him for his tweets, but many welcomed him and his love for Jimin!

He even called out all the haters who claimed his love was untrue and made his own memes.

He called on the support of ARMY to help him defend against haters and promised to continue to love BTS.

Harley even went on to retweet some BTS fans, showing that he’s in this for the long run!

And talked about how much he supports all members of BTS, not just Jimin or any other single member.