Eric Nam Reveals How BLACKPINK’s Rosé Intimidated Him At An Event

He couldn’t even say hi!

Ashley Choi recently sat down with Eric Nam and DIVE STUDIOS to film for his podcast K-POP DAEBAK. It was here that both singers shared some stories for their listeners.


Eric Nam starts off the segment by asking Ashley Choi the hard question of how she coped with tragedy of losing two of her members in a car accident.

How did you cope? For a lot of people, it’s unimaginable pain and loss and stuff but it’s hard for people to bounce back from that.

— Eric Nam

Ashley Choi answered the tough question by revealing that meeting up with friends helped her cope during the difficult time.

During that time, I decided to go out and meet people a little more because if I was staying home all day, like I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was just crying every day. So I started to reach out to friends.

— Ashley Choi

It was here that Ashley revealed that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was one of the friends she reached out to during her hard time. They are known to be close friends and their friendship story is well-known amongst fans.

We (Rosé) related to each other. It was like that, reaching out a little more and meeting other friends. It slowly got better. So I think having that group of people around me, having friends that supported me and loved me helped.

— Ashley Choi

Eric Nam then shared his hilarious story of how he ran into the BLACKPINK member at an event and how intimidated he felt by her.

I actually ran into her the other day. At an event…so I want to be like ‘hi’ but then I was like ‘no this is going to be weird’ so I just shut up and I was like ‘okay bye’.

— Eric Nam

After Ashley Choi asks, “why you should’ve said hi she’s so friendly”, Eric Nam revealed why he couldn’t do so.

I don’t know I was too intimidated. Also there were a lot of celebrities around. I was like ‘I feel like an imposter. Am I allowed to be here?’

— Eric Nam

The singer continued on with his hilarious story and why he couldn’t bring himself to say hello to the BLACKPINK member.

I was like ‘oh my gosh dang it’s a celebrity. Dang that’s an actor’. I was like ‘that was…Rosé’.

— Eric Nam


Oh Eric Nam! We would have totally been star stuck if we saw Rosé in the flesh too. Watch the entire segment, with Ashley Choi’s heartbreaking confession and Eric Nam’s comedic story down below.


Source: Marie Claire Korea
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