Why Eric Nam Feels Like He Has Become A Confidant To Many Younger K-Pop Idols

He is everyone’s emotional support K-Pop idol!

Among the younger K-Pop idols on the scene, many of them count Eric Nam as a friend. As he opened up about the difficulties of managing one’s mental health as an idol, Eric Nam also touched on why he feels like he is a confidant to so many of these younger artists.

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Speaking with news publication Insider, he revealed that his journey to becoming an independent artist was a long and difficult one. When he started out, he was under so much pressure that he struggled with anxiety and depression. Yet, his label at the time advised him not to get professional help because they feared it would be bad for his career.

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This was a turning point for him, as it encouraged him to be more open about mental health, especially within the K-Pop industry. Yet, becoming an independent musician had other challenges for him as well, such as that time he had to find $100k for a deposit for a tour bus, without which he wouldn’t be able to go on tour.

[Being an independent musician] sounds sexy, it sounds cool. But it’s so much work.

— Eric Nam

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Having gone through all those experiences and overcome the odds by himself, Eric Nam is now considered to be the unofficial leader of the younger generations of K-Pop idols. And as one of the biggest advocates for mental health in the industry, it’s no wonder he feels like he is their confidant!

There are a lot of kids and a lot of other idols who I feel like I’ve become a great confidant to.

— Eric Nam

Whether it’s through his podcast The Daebak Show, his app Mindset, or through his personal friendships with them…

THE BOYZ’s Eric on Eric Nam’s The Daebak Show | DIVE Studios Highlights/YouTube

…Eric Nam has consistently done his best to bring support to his fellow artists in the K-Pop industry, and of course to fans too! It’s encouraging to see how much it means to him to be a positive influence and a source of compassion for others, especially those who look up to him.

You can read further on the link below about his efforts to provide encouragement and support to those who need it through Mindset, which features personal stories and words of encouragement for listeners from big names like GOT7‘s Jay B.

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And if you’d like to see the full clip of THE BOYZ‘s Eric on The Daebak Show you can do so right here.

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