Eric Nam and Khalid show off their close friendship in these Twitter posts

It seems that Eric Nam really does know everyone! He recently posted a photo alongside the upcoming American singer, Khalid, and sparked hopes for a collaboration.

Eric Nam not only known inside the realm of K-pop, he has a strong presence in the American scene as well. His American roots have given him many opportunities to meet western celebrities and bring his unique style of K-pop into a Western setting.

Eric’s love of music and desire to freely produce music has led him to do many collaborations with artists such as Gallant, Somi, Wendy, and Tablo. So when Khalid, an American R&B artist, posted a photo of himself with Eric on Twitter, many fans began praying that a collaboration was in the works.

When asked if he likes K-pop, Khalid responded by saying that his favorite artist is Eric Nam.

Eric reacted with an enthusiastic high-five emoji, showing off their cute brotherhood.

Khalid’s album American Teen was just released this month and is listed as one of the top 20 albums on iTunes. Meanwhile Eric Nam is preparing for the release of his collaboration with I.O.I‘s Jeon Somi, titled “You, Who?” which is set for release on March 9. If they decide to produce a song together it would be one collab we can all look forward to.