Netizens Praise Eric Nam For How He Responded To A Fan’s Medical Emergency During His Concert

He is so kindhearted and professional!

Solo artist and entrepreneur Eric Nam is receiving praise for how he responded to an unfortunate situation at his recent concert.

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Eric Nam has been touring Europe on his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour. One of his recent concerts was held in Brussels, Belgium.

As always, Eric performed an amazing show, but something unfortunate happened near the end as he performed his hit song “I Don’t Know You Anymore.” The audience was hyped, and many were singing along when…

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…Eric suddenly stopped and pointed toward someone in the crowd. He recognized that one of his fans was in desperate need of assistance. A girl allegedly had suffered a panic attack.

Sorry, sorry. We have a medical emergency right here.

— Eric Nam

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A fan who attended the concert, mxlkyw.y on TikTok, posted a video of Eric Nam’s response to the medical emergency on social media. It went viral with 441.8K views, and 88.3K likes at the time of writing as netizens praised him for his response.


I hope the girl is okay… #kpop #lamadeleine #ericnam #thereandbackagaintour #concert #belgium #fyp @ericnam

♬ I Don’t Know You Anymore – Eric Nam

According to others who had been in attendance, it was “so warm” in the venue. So, naturally, some became overheated and dehydrated.

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One commenter revealed that they had helped by holding up a sign reading, “Paramedics needed further back in the room.” Thankfully, it was also confirmed that the girl in question was okay after drinking water and getting “fresh air.”

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Eric Nam is continually praised for how well he treats his fans, especially in unforeseen situations. He is more than a professional but a genuine person.

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He is certainly empathetic to those who struggle with panic attacks especially. Eric himself has suffered from them. It ultimately motivated him to launch the health and wellness app Mindset with his brother Brian and Eddie.

Besides, throughout the tour, Eric Nam has assured his fans’ health and safety. Earlier in the year, when it was cold and fans were waiting in lines outside, he had his staff bright out hot chocolate and coffee for them.

And similar to the most recent event, Eric Nam stopped mid-performance at his Seattle concert when he saw a fan on the verge of fainting. Read about it below:

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Source: @mxlkyw.y

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