Eric Nam Reveals How His Mother Reacted To His Decision To Become A Singer And…Yikes!

Parents of K-Pop idols have a hard time as well.

K-Pop idols have extremely stressful jobs, and a lot of idols have a tough time finding success in the industry. That’s why a lot of parents aren’t in favor of their children becoming idols.

Eric Nam & his mother | @ericnamofficial/Twitter

During an episode of GET REAL, Eric Nam, BTOB‘s Peniel, KARD‘s BM, and former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi spoke on how their parents felt about their music careers. Eric Nam shared that when he decided to become a singer, he had promised his parents that he was going to make it work.

However, this wasn’t an easy decision to make, as Eric Nam had just graduated from college at the time, and had a job as a consultant. Not only that, but Eric Nam admitted that he was making good money through his job.

Due to this, Eric Nam’s mother wasn’t a fan of his decision to become a singer, where she even stated, “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard“, as she viewed it at as him throwing away four years of college education and a good job.

While Eric Nam was able to convince his mother, she did constantly tell him to go back to his job as a consultant in the first couple of years of his career. However, Eric Nam’s mother did this because she saw the amount of pressure the K-Pop industry was putting on her son.

At the beginning of Eric Nam’s career, many people wrote him off, as they believed that he wouldn’t fit the K-Pop industry. However, he ended up making it work and proved these people wrong.

Ashley Choi shared that her parents never pressured her and that they just want her to be happy.

Ashley Choi ends up pressuring herself to succeed, as she wants to be able to support her family so that they can live comfortably.

Here’s the full video below!

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