Eric Nam Had The Sweetest Words To Say About BTS After Watching Their Wembley Concert

Eric Nam has a lot of love for his juniors.

In a recent interview, Eric Nam had some very sweet words to say about his experience watching BTS perform at Wembley Stadium during their Speak Yourself encore tour.

It was wild. There was so many people. I was very moved by it. I think it’s amazing what they have done and continue to do. I feel like since I’ve known them for so long and watching them come up like this, it’s like, cause I’m older, it’s like watching your kids grow up and I mean that in the most non-patronising way. They would tell me they’re going to America and we would talk about whatever and to see them in full effect at Wembley. I was just like woah, this is insane. It was a very fun and emotional experience.

– Eric Nam

Eric has been a friend of BTS for a long time, he interviewed them when they appeared on After School Club all the way back in 2015.

You can watch what he had to say about his dongsaengs below: