Even Millionaires BTS Couldn’t Handle The Price Of Hotel Room Service

They weren’t having it.

If the cost of room service has ever made you scream, this “broke millionaire” moment is for you!


BTS is rolling in cash with their populatiry, but the members haven’t lost the thriftiness that got them through their rookie days. They can smell a scam from a mile away, and they refuse to be overcharged!

J-Hope | Run BTS!/V LIVE

In episode 150 of Run BTS!, BTS checked into the luxurious Josun Palace Hotel for a stay-cation. From separate suites, the members logged onto Zoom to get info about their mission: ordering room service. At first, they were thrilled…

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Then, they saw the prices! The menu items were priced (by the staff, not the hotel) between $86 USD and $400 USD. J-Hope‘s jaw dropped!

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$129 USD for a saladSuga was ready to riot.

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“Is this ten times more expensive than the original price?” RM asked. From there, all hell broke loose! Jimin refused to max out BTS’s credit card for milk.

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Milk and coffee? That’s about $258 USD. Pay up!


Just when it seemed like BTS might go to war with inflation, the staff confirmed that these were not the hotel’s real prices. That calmed everyone down!

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The moral of this story? Once a broke rookie, always a broke rookie! Check out more hilarity from the episode here:

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