EVERGLOW’s Music Cut Out Mid-Performance And That’s When FOREVER Took Over

As EVERGLOW powered through like bosses, FOREVER picked up where the music left off:

At the beginning of March, EVERGLOW brought some serious heat to Atlanta during their EVERGLOW: Everlasting concert. they

Image: @official_everglow/Instagram

During the concert, EVERGLOW performed “Bon Bon Chocolat”. While everything was going smoothly at first, right around the 2-minute mark there was a major glitch and the backing track suddenly cut out.

With the sudden problem interrupting their performance, EVERGLOW decided to restart their performance after checking things over. Unfortunately, the issue happened again! At the same point in the song, the backing music cut out!

When the music cut out this time, however, FOREVER took over! As EVERGLOW powered through and picked up right where they left off like total bosses, FOREVER belted out the song’s rhythm and sang right along with EVERGLOW!

FOREVER continued singing along right until the very end! The amazing reaction from FOREVER not only warmed the hearts of their fellow fans…

But EVERGLOW too! After the song was finished, they couldn’t hide their love for FOREVER!

Definitely one of the sweetest moments ever!