Every Time Yeri Tries To Use English To Speak To Wendy

Red Velvet’s Yeri is so cute when she tries to speak in English.

Especially because she only seems to do so when she can speak to the groups native speaker, Wendy.

English is a learned language for Yeri, but when she tries to talk to Wendy she does so without hesitation!

This is especially true during live broadcasts, where Yeri also attempts to speak to fans (with Wendy’s support).

Her need to have Wendy around is so cute! Her English seems to be ever improving.

It seems like a really cute way for her to be closer to Wendy!

Speaking English might also be a way to get around their 6 year age gap.

Whatever the reason, you just can’t help but love these cute interactions.

There is also no denying how much better Yeri’s English has become now.

With all this practice, Red Velvet just might gain another English-speaking member.

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