Everyone Calls This Male Idol Bambi, And It’s Kind Of Obvious Why

Large eyes, long eyelashes, cute face… Bambi, is that you?

Bambi is a fawn character from Disney. So what led K-Pop idol group ONF member and MIX NINE‘s finalist Hyojin to be nicknamed after this furry little animal?

Well, from the twinkle in their eyes to the overwhelming fluffy cuteness, the two have undeniable similarities.


It’s easier to see the resemblance, especially when he actually dresses up like one.


Fans love to call him Bambi! With blonde hair, he looks even more like a deer.


Hyojin appeared on Mix Nine and received a lot of attention for his gorgeousness. Both good-looking and talented, Hyojin made #2 on the TOP 9 list.


Whether as ONF or the new debuting group Mix Nine, fans deer-ly await his promotion!

Source: Dispatch
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