Everyone Is Floored By TWICE’s Visual Power In Their Latest CF Series

TWICE is another word for flawless skin.

One of TWICE’s endorsements is Estée Lauder who make beauty and skincare products, it’s safe to say they chose the right models for their brand.

The flawless skin of each of TWICE’s members and their ability to radiate beauty has never been more clear than it is in these images.

TWICE’s white clothes in combination with their serene expressions give the group a strong angelic vibe. ONCEs are in love with Chaeyoung’s blonde hair and beautiful tone.

Tzuyu somehow is even more beautiful than usual in this CF.

TWICE’s resident bunny proved her duality again as she traded in her cute charms for a tantalising gaze.

Dahyun translated her bubbly personality to the CF when she showcased her flawless “tofu” skin.

Sana is the perfect example of unblemished skin and otherworldy visual power in this CF.

Mina‘s coy personality is on display in her version of the CF as she shyly struts around.

Fans are eagerly waiting for MomoJihyo and Jeongyeon’s individual CFs. TWICE blow away everyone with their beauty once more.