Everyone Knows MONSTA X’s Wonho For His Muscles, But There’s Someone Even He Was Impressed By

He thought they were huge.

One of the reasons MONSTA X‘s Wonho is popular among male idols is for his muscular body, with KARD‘s BM even deeming him part of the “Big Tiddie Committee” for his massive pectoral muscles.

Although Wonho exercises routinely to maintain his massive muscles, there was someone even he was impressed with.

That someone was NCT‘s Johnny.

During the Idols Star Athletics Championship, Wonho had to score a goal against Johnny. And, Wonho couldn’t help but to comment on how big he thought Johnny was.

As one of the tallest members of NCT with long legs and arms to match, Wonho wasn’t wrong. But, the fact that he was intimidated by Johnny’s size is completely adorable considering his own muscles.