Everyone Is In Love With BTS’s Jimin, But He’s In Love With MONSTA X’s Wonho

Jimin can’t keep his eyes off him.

MONSTA X are known for their muscular physiques. So, they have a lot of male idol admirers because of it. One of those idols is BTS‘s Jimin.

Jimin is so handsome that he attracts both men and women. And, the people who meet him are too stunned to meet his eyes, including Halsey and camerawomen.

But, he appears to have has his sights set on MONSTA X member Wonho.

After listening to MONSTA X’s speech at The Fact Music Awards, Jimin mimicked the act of exercising to refer to how impressed he was with Wonho’s body.

And, this wasn’t the first time Jimin has showed his interest in Wonho. At the 2018 Asia Artist Award, Jimin pointed him out.

Wonho had called him over, but Jimin was too shy and instead gave him two thumbs up.

Ironically, Jimin becomes shy and is unable to speak with Wonho, which is exactly how people respond to Jimin. That’s when you know the love is genuine. To watch Jimin’s cute interaction with Wonho, check it out here.