Here’s What We Know About BTS Jin’s Rare Credit Card… In Case You’re Wondering About What’s In His Wallet

He is one of the select few to hold this card.

From BTS‘s latest tweet of a video capturing Jin paying for Suga‘s birthday meal, ARMYs found out two things:

Jin-hyung paid for the staff members’ tables too. Awesome Jin. Thank you for the meal!


One, the meal came out to be 878,000 KRW — which comes out to be around $750 in USD. So we can be sure that everyone was well fed and happy at Suga’s party.

Two, Jin uses a rare credit card — called Hyundai‘s “The Black Card”.

This card, approved for the top 0.05% of Korean VVIPs only, costs 2,000,000 KRW (around $1,700+ USD) per year in membership:

Plus, the Black Card is operated on an invitation-only basis, meaning Hyundai reached out to Jin and asked him to be one of the exclusive 9,999 Black Card holders.

Even after the invitation, the process remains complex. It is said that the “Black Committee” of 8 Hyundai executive-level officers must come to an unanimous agreement before anyone is finally offered the Black Card. Jin must have passed this screening process — seeing from how he casually charged the KBBQ money on it!

Once a card holder, though, Hyundai’s Black Card offers various benefits — including free upgrades to first class seats on Korean Air and Asiana flights.

Other Korean celebrities who are known to be Black Card holders include J. Y. Park and G-Dragon.

With that said, Korean netizens are mind-blown by Jin’s “young and rich, tall and handsome”  Mr. Worldwide Perfect status!

  • “F*cking young, rich, and handsome. He has it all.”
  • “Wow… The power of being BTS.”
  • “Must be fun living life like that…”
  • “Oh my, Seokjin.”
  • “I bet he SMELLS rich.”
Source: THEQOO