Everything Really Is Cake… Even BTS’s Jimin

Warning: cutting into your BTS merch to check if it’s cake is *not* recommended.

Everything is cake. That sentence may seem like a strange proclamation, but it’s actually the latest craze sweeping the internet. Talented bakers have been making hyper-realistic cakes resembling everyday objects, and it has everyone questioning reality. Is everything really cake? Well, yes—in fact, even BTS’s charismatic dancer Jimin is cake.

Videos of people cutting into objects—only to reveal that those objects are actually cakes—have been racking up millions of views this week. Cake designers around the world have been conjuring up sweet treats shaped like everything from shoes human hands.

And naturally, the internet has turned this phenomenon into a meme—“everything is cake”. The joke alleges that anything and everything could actually have been made out of cake all along, from the Earth to your own friends.

| eBaum’s World

Even your favorite idols aren’t safe. In fact, sources have confirmed that Jimin himself is cake too.

Okay, that may not be the real Jimin, but it’s an incredibly convincing cake replica! This unbelievable Jimin head cake was made by Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio back in April 2020.

To create the cake, Sideserf first stacked and carved sponge cakes in the shape of a faceless bust. Next, she covered the whole thing in modelling chocolate, and began adding layers to form Jimin’s features.

Once the features were complete, Sideserf created finer details like eyebrows, lip creases, and hair.

Finally, it was time to paint the bust with edible colorings to make it look exactly like Jimin’s real head.

And there she had it—a realistic Jimin cake that’s almost indistinguishable from the real idol at first glance. Plus, it’s probably as delicious as it is handsome

So, rest assured, despite his sugary sweet personality, the real Jimin isn’t actually cake… probably. Of course, that might not stop his members from testing out the theory.

Watch the full cake making video for yourself here: