Everything You Need To Know About Actor Lee Dong Wook’s New tvN K-Drama Coming Soon

It’s going to be one amazing show!

Actor Lee Dong Wook, perhaps best known for his Grim Reaper role in tvN‘s 2016 Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, will soon be gracing the channel again in his new K-Drama this year. The cast for the upcoming series, Tale of The Nine Tailed, have reportedly begun rehearsing the script on April 13, 2020 — and the news has really built high anticipation. Here is everything you need know about the drama at the moment, so that you can slip right into binge-mode when it premieres!

1. What Is A Gumiho?

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gumiho, pronounced goo-me-ho, is a mythical creature often found in Korean tales and legends. As the name suggests word-per-word, a gumiho is a nine (gu) tailed (mi) fox (ho) with the ability to turn human, often female, to seduce other humans. In fact, some legends go as far to make gumihos dangerous creatures that survive by eating human hearts and livers.

2. Who Is Going To Play The Gumiho?

In the upcoming series, Lee Dong Wook will take on the role as an unprecedented male gumiho Lee Yeon — which is another good reason to keep your eyes on the premiere. The producers have revealed this much: The gumiho Lee Yeon, who used to be an almighty spirit looking over the country, is now a “cleaner-upper” of spirits that cause ruckus in the human world. This gumiho is irresistibly attractive, intelligent, and athletic — almost too perfect to be real. His heartlessness, though, may give away that he indeed is not real.

3. Who Is The Female Lead?

The female lead character Nam Ji Ah will be played by the talented and gorgeous actress Jo Bo Ah. As a fearless television producer working at a broadcasting company, Nam Ji Ah is constantly chasing all kinds of horror stories to feature on her show “Looking For City Myths“. She has a heart of steel and a will of iron — both too strong to stop her from digging deep into these myths that could, potentially, be dangerous for her.

4. Is There A Villain?

No one can be sure if the role Lee Rang is actually a villain — but according to his description, revealed by the producers, he will definitely be the most seductive supporting character we have ever seen. To be played by actor Kim Bum, who will be making his comeback to the screens after four years of hiatus and military service, Lee Rang is the gumiho Lee Yeon’s stepbrother. Unlike Lee Yeon, Lee Rang is a half-gumiho. He lives among the humans but despises them. As entertainment, he tricks humans into sealing inescapably brutal deals with him. Lee Rang is, by far, the most evil fox to have lived.

5. When Is It Going To Premiere?

This “urban fantasy romance” K-Drama is scheduled to premiere in October 7, 2020. And in case until then you would like to review other gumiho-themed K-Dramas, try these:

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Source: Joy News and Namu Wiki