Everything Went Completely Wrong In This BTS Photo — Even V Was Shocked

Fans noticed not just one, but three, major editing errors in a BTS photo.

Who is editing BTS‘s photos at Bodyfriend? ARMY just wants to talk.

Bodyfriend had uploaded three CFs starring ARMY’s seven favorite stars using massage chairs to recharge.

Bodyfriend also shared promotional photos, but one of these photos gained excessive attention for all the wrong reasons. Fans found multiple Photoshop blunders that scream, “how did you miss that?”

Jin, Jungkook, and Suga were barely recognizable, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. J-Hope appeared to be missing a whole foot and RM definitely had an extra hand!

On Weverse, a fan posted the photo with the caption, “Why does Namjoon oppa have three hands?????” happened to see the post, and he’s just as surprised as ARMYs are!

No words, just emojis. That’s all that’s needed in this situation!