Evgenia Medvedeva Just Met With EXO, Wrapping Up An Adorable Olympics Friendship Story

Olympic medalist Evgenia Medvedeva is living out every EXO-L’s dream. She’s just met up with EXO, rounding off a fantastic Olympic friendship story. So where did it all begin?


Evgenia hasn’t been shy with her love of K-Pop and in particular her love for EXO. She’s posted a number of videos of herself grooving out to their songs and even told reporters that she listens to them before her performances.


But her real journey to fan fame began after breaking the world record at the women’s single skating short program. Evgenia received autographs and letters from EXO fueling her motivation.


Then, on February 22, there was some even more exciting news for her. S.M. Entertainment and the PyeongChang Olympics Organizing Committee said they were planning a huge surprise.

Initially we discussed having Medvedeva and EXO meet in a standby room. But we want this to be a memorable moment for her.”


The very next day EXO’s Baekhyun made an announcement that he and his fellow members would be excited to meet her.

“If I ever have the chance, I would really like to meet her. Whenever we EXO members hear that athletes enjoy listening to our music, we get amazed and end up talking about how amazed we are through our group chat. We strongly wish to meet and greet everyone personally.” — Baekhyun


And the meeting was made a reality on the 25th! Just after performing at the Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Pyeonchang Olympics, EXO and Evgenia met up. She then posted an adorable picture of them together which was later tweeted by the Olympics and EXO!


But that wasn’t the end of her EXO story. Later that day, she posted an unboxing of EXO goodies on Instagram Live and EXO’s Chanyeol commented on it!


Fans are super excited for the skater and have even said that she is living out every EXO-L’s fantasies.

Source: @jmedvedevaj, @xunhuas and Yahoo Sports

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